Effective project management is vital to business success, ensuring that teams are aligned with core objectives. An IT PSA software helps streamline processes and operations, driving greater efficiencies in execution and monitoring. The critical tools provided by PSA software solutions help professionals better manage their time and become more productive across projects.

It is important to review the most important features relevant to professional services businesses, so that these solutions can be onboarded seamlessly. Let us review the top features to look for in a professional services automation software.

  1. Project management features

Core project management features, such as project mapping, stage-wise project breakdown, work scheduling, timeline management, risk management, etc. are critical to any effective project management software. Platforms must offer the right set of core project monitoring tools as well, to ensure that deliverables are being driven in a timely manner as well.

A key benefit that automation offers is the expediting of manually intensive processes, while providing end-to-end transparency. Solutions should be designed to help in shortening project execution lifecycles.

  1. Administrative and support functionalities

Key areas, such as billing, invoice management, tracking resources, etc. that are vital in a support and administrative function should be available in an online PSA software solution. The top PSA software for IT companies helps streamline documentation management, contract management, resource allocation, and authorization.

These functionalities are vital to timesheet tracking for professionals, while streamlining billing for projects to clients. They reduce bottlenecks in gaining approvals, as they automate the entire process of financial management. From change management to technical delivery, all stages of a project can be optimized when supporting functionalities are available to use.

  1. Data storage and access mapping

Effective data storage and access is vital to project success, which is why an IT PSA software should provide secure data storage, extraction, and analysis tools. These features are critical to protect sensitive project data, and to ensure the streamlined sharing of project insights within stakeholder groups. Version control, access management, data sharing mapping, and other relevant features are vital to ensuring agility in project execution.

  1. Communication and collaboration features

Collaboration is the key to innovative project delivery, which is why professional services automation software solutions should implement the right features to streamline communication. This includes team chat, update tracking, resource mapping, and utilization charts, to ensure that all team members are aligned with the project’s core objectives.

In conclusion

There are several critical features to review when opting for an IT PSA software solution. It is important to understand organizational-fit, while also analysing critical features such as timesheet management, work breakdown structures, project health management, team status, etc. Learn more about the best PSA software solutions by connecting with the experts at TouchBase – A ProductDossier product.

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