How do we define Project Management as?? It is the application of knowledge, tools,skills, and techniques to meet the client requirement in project. Project Leaders believe it is a discipline of initiating, planning, executing, and managing resources with goal of delivering within budget and time. It is the aggregation of separate tasks by teams and individuals into a cohesive whole .
A few momentous to focus.

  1. Outline your goals and keep them SMART.
  2. Precipitate internal motivation in your team.
  3. Be Agile.
  4. Vigorous Risk Management.
  5. Communicate all Project Deliverable’s & Activities.

The style of working of experienced leaders are they first have a clear idea of what the actual product would be at the time of delivery to the client. This prediction or a clear idea about the product brings your perfection at work and avoids the errors and misconceptions of what actually the client was needing and what actually he got delivered.

Once you have a good idea now you can assign tasks to the respective team members according to their capability. The assigning task can be done directly through Project Management Software. This software connects entire team members. Each one is aware of in real time about the project. Errors, bugs are flagged immediately, so that it doesn’t remain pending & are solved immediately.

Keeping team members motivated about the task, always lead to project success. Many a times you will find your team at a common mode where everyone is least bothered about the performances. Awarding them for good performance makes enable to those people who were under-performing.

Every team members reaches a breakthrough, so it’s a duty of Organisations to be aware of those achievements and felicitate them by reward and recognition programme, this keeps them motivated and achieve the targes for next goal.

The point which I have mentioned above “Be Agile” is that traditional project management methods doesn’t speed up requires more time to perform in today’s competitive market. Today you need to respond with adroitness of rising issues. The formal approval methods of solution in traditional project management methods consumes time and your performance is rises low.

Now where a Business stands always risks seems to be appear. All you need is to dedicate a resource full time to identify risks in the project. The resource should have a strong apprehension and resolve them with immediate concern.

Many Organisations are found to neglect this risk management term and therefore ends up loosing the client in the future.

Finally I would like to share my thought on project deliverable’s that communication between team member and project leader is very imperative.

The vision of what is to be delivered to client should match the thoughts of Project manager and team member, this will only lead both to same aisle.

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